About the Helpers Project

Reducing tobacco's burden on behavioral health members.

Helpers seeks to work with behavioral health agencies and providers in Arizona to promote evidence-based treatment for persons interested in quitting tobacco. Our project is funded by the Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, Bureau of Chronic Disease and Health Promotion.
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Helpers Training for Behavioral Health Staff

We offer interactive, in-person training via Zoom. The training is two hours long and is available free of charge to persons working in behavioral health facilities and programs throughout Arizona. Click the link below to get more information or sign up!
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On-line Helpers Training available Now!

Tobacco use has unfairly burdened persons with mental health diagnoses and substance use disorders. You can become an important part of the solution to this problem. Helpers for Behavioral Health was designed at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine. Our goal is to help behavioral health staff become better equipped to help persons who are interested in stopping or reducing their tobacco use.
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