Helpers Handouts

Helpers Quick Guide.pdf This handout is for you. It's a reference guide that summarizes the main points from the Helpers training. The guide gives you support when thinking about offering help to someone interested in quitting tobacco.

Thinking about Quitting.pdf This handout is for persons who are thinking about quitting. It addresses some of the common motivators for quitting.

Benefits of Quitting.pdf The focus of this colorful handout is a timeline of the benefits of quitting. It's a good companion for the Thinking of Quitting handout.

About Tobacco Smoke.pdf This handout is for educating persons about second-hand and third-hand smoke and strategies that can reduce the risk of harm to others.

Tobacco & Your Body.pdf Many people who use tobacco are poorly informed about the actual risks associated with smoking. This handout can help educate persons who may be concerned with health risks.

E-cigarettes & Vaping.pdf E-cigarettes and vaping are increasingly common. Many people are interested in learning about these products. This handout has up-to-date information.

Withdrawal & Triggers.pdf The symptoms of tobacco withdrawal are one of the greatest barriers to quitting. This handout explains the common symptoms and gives a timeline for recovery.

Medications that Help.pdf Information on the medications that can help manage withdrawal symptoms and assist in quitting. Nicotine replacement and non-nicotine medications are discussed.

Professional Help Guide.pdf For persons who are attempting or preparing to quit, getting professional help can greatly improve the chances of success. This handout is a guide to resources.

My Personal Quit Plan.pdf This plan can improve the chances of success for persons who are ready to make an attempt. You can assist someone in filling this out or offer it as a resource.

Roadmap for Quitting.pdf This handout can be used as a companion to the quit plan or as a stand-alone. It offers tips for the day before quitting, the day of quitting, and the succeeding weeks.

Tobacco & Behavioral Health Guide.pdf This handout explains the impact of tobacco use on persons with mental health and substance use disorders. It offers a clear call to action.

Facilitating a Tobacco Awareness Group.pdfThis curriculum is being made available to help facilitate a tobacco awareness and cessation group. It is public domain and can be reproduced and copied without permission. It was developed by the Professional Development Program at the University of Albany and is distributed by the Tobacco Recovery Resource Exchange.

Helpers Posters

These posters invite interested members to talk about their tobacco use.