Pharmacists and Cessation Medications

Learn about the evolving role of pharmacists in prescribing medications for tobacco cessation. The presenters discuss Vermont’s process of enacting pharmacy prescriptive authorities and identifies strategies for gaining cross-departmental support for tobacco cessation policy and promotional changes while utilizing best-practice communication styles.

Video courtesy of Smoking Cessation Leadership Council, Univ. of California San Francisco

LGBTQ+ Tobacco Use

New Tends, Tips & Resources

Watch this timely video to discover best practices for reaching persons in the LGBTQ+ community who are interested in quitting tobacco.

Addressing Tobacco Use with a Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Approach

This webinar explores strategies for providing support in quitting tobacco to persons who have experienced trauma. The importance of fostering resilience as a therapeutic intervention is highlighted.

Recovery Oriented Tobacco Interventions

In Substance Use Treatment

Learn how to break through barriers to offer tobacco-free addiction treatment services. Gain the skills to practice tobacco-specific behavioral counseling in a hope-inducing, growth-promoting spirit of recovery.

Webinar: Tobacco Use and COVID-19

An Overview of the Science and Public Health Implications

This is an excellent review of the science regarding COVID-19 outcomes and tobacco. Both cigarette smoking and e-cigarette use are considered. Brian King, PhD, MPH discusses evidence-based strategies to prevent and reduce tobacco use, including resources for healthcare providers and the public.

Video Courtesy of Smoking Cessation Leadership Council, University of California San Francisco

E-Cigarettes and Smoking Cessation

An Update for Clinicians

This timely webinar examines the public health risks and benefits of e-cigarette use and reviews recent clinical trial data about the risks and efficacy of e-cigarette use for smoking cessation. The presenter, Nancy A. Rigotti, MD from Harvard Medical School, describes evidence-based plans for discussing e-cigarette use with behavioral health members. 

Video courtesy of Smoking Cessation Leadership Council, University of California, San Francisco

Medication Assisted Treatment for Smoking Cessation

For persons with mental health disorders.

Comparison of Varenicline, Bupropion & NRT

Chad Morris, Ph.D. explores the benefits of FDA-approved pharmacological treatments for tobacco cessation including varenicline (Chantix™).  Dr. Morris reviews the early controversy surrounding the use of bupropion and varenicline and discusses the evidence for current best practices in tobacco cessation medications for individuals with behavioral health disorders. 

Video Courtesy of The National Behavioral Health Network for Tobacco & Cancer Control and the Behavioral Health & Wellness Program at the University of Colorado.